CD-ROM Support

Why do I need to download and install Codec 75?

KeyStone courses use video and audio to deliver training content. Some of this video and audio is played in Microsoft’s Windows Media Player (WMP). WMP usually automatically downloads and installs files called “codecs” whenever it tries to play an audio or video file for which it does not already have the proper codec file. There are hundreds of audio and video codecs in use on the Internet and in multimedia presentations today.

If WMP is unable to find and download an appropriate codec, It will do the best it can with what it has. For example, if it has the video codec for a video file, but can’t get the audio codec for the audio in the video file, it will play the video file without sound.

If your security settings in Internet Explorer are set above medium, it may disallow the download of certain files, among them codec files. If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2, your firewall settings may also disallow the download of certain files, among them codec files.

If your system is unable to automatically download the appropriate codec file for whatever reason, you can solve that by manually downloading and installing the codec yourself. In this case, KeyStone Learning makes available for download a zip file that when extracted provides a program to install Codec 75.

You can download this file by clicking here.