CD-ROM Support

Error Message: “Please Make Sure the Correct CD is in the CD-ROM Drive”

Customers installing a KeyStone Learning course on a computer with multiple hard-drive partitions and/or multiple CD/DVD-ROM drives may encounter the following message: “Please Make Sure the Correct CD is in the CD-ROM Drive.”

If you see this error message, you’ll need to download and install the “KLS_FIX.exe” file. You can do this by following these steps:

# Click here to download the “KLS_FIX.exe” file.
# When prompted, save the “KLS_FIX.exe” file to your computer’s hard drive.
# Locate and double-click the “KLS_FIX.exe” file to begin the installation of the update.
# When prompted, select the drive letter that denotes the location of your KeyStone CD-ROM.
# Click OK when the program reports, “Done.” (Note: Sometimes you will not be given the option to choose a drive letter and the program will simply report “Done”)

Alternatively, for many KeyStone courses, you have the option of installing the courses directly onto your computer’s hard drive. If you would like to run your KeyStone course without the CD-ROM in the drive:

* First, check the list of courses to be sure your course has this option (courses denoted as “KeyStone1” type cannot be run directly from a hard drive); and,
* You must choose this option during the first KeyStone courseware installation to your computer or it will not be available for any subsequent installations.

Once you have verified that your course is eligible for hard drive installation, click here for the related instructions.