CD-ROM Support

My Video Doesn’t Display on my KeyStone3 Course

This error has been seen when installing one of our CD-ROM courses listed as a “KeyStone3” type. To see if your course is on the “KeyStone3” list, please click here.

If, while installing a KeyStone course of type “Keystone3,” you have problems not seeing the video, you may need to install QuickTime.

The KeyStone installer senses if QuickTime is installed already and if not asks the user click OK to install it. If this fails or the user chooses not to, QuickTime must be installed manually.

You can manually install a sufficient version of QuickTime from your KeyStone CD-ROM (find the QuickTime directory on the CD-ROM) or you may install the latest version of QuickTime by going to the QuickTime download page.

If you know QuickTime is installed, but things are still not working, please check out the QuickTime Installation Check page.