CD-ROM Support

I Can See the Instructor Video, but I Can’t Hear the Audio

This error has been seen when installing one of our CD-ROM courses listed as a “KeyStone2” type. To see if your course is on the “KeyStone2” list, please click here. Some users of Keystone2 courses are able to see the instructor video but unable to hear the associated audio the first time they run their KeyStone Learning course.

If you are running a KeyStone2 course and are currently able to hear audio through your speakers (or headphones) from other software applications successfully, please follow these instructions to download the Codec75 installer:

# Click this link to download the Codec 75 Update file.
# When prompted, save the “” file to your computer’s hard drive.
# Locate and double-click the “” file to extract the update files from the downloaded zip file
# Double-click the “Codec75 Update.exe” to install an audio codec Keystone2 courses need to run. T
# Launch your KeyStone course; it should run normally.

Want to know more about Codec 75? Read our related support topic.