CD-ROM Support

I Can Hear the Course Audio, But I Can’t See the Instructor Video

This error has been seen when running one of our CD-ROM courses listed as a “KeyStone2” type. To see if your course is on the “KeyStone2” list, please click here.

The following issues are typically fixed with the updated KLSUCDROM.EXE file:

* When I launch the KeyStone course, I see a small black screen, but nothing happens.
* I see video player controls, but no video, and the controls do not work.
* The first (typically the instructor) video of a topic plays, but nothing happens after that; the next video does not play and/or I am not returned to the menu.
* I get a dialog box with the following “Critical Error” message: “An error occurred when attempting to open the database connection: Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed”
* I get a dialog box with the following message: “...Windows has blocked this software because it can’t verify the publisher”

If you are running a KeyStone2 course and run into one of the issues listed above, please follow these instructions to download the KLSUCDROM.EXE file:

# Close any open KeyStone courses.
# Click this link to download the “KLSUCDROM.EXE” file.
# When prompted, save the ” KLSUCDROM.EXE ” file to the C:\Program Files\Keystone Learning\ directory.
# When prompted, click “Yes” or “OK” to replace the current file.
# Launch your KeyStone course; it should run normally.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, try updating your Codec 75 file. Click here for instructions.