CD-ROM Support

How to Install your KeyStone Course on your Computer’s Hard Drive

The default installation configuration for KeyStone Learning courseware requires the CD-ROM for the course level you are viewing to be in your CD/DVD-ROM/R/RW drive while viewing the course.

However, there is an option to install all courseware to your hard drive so that the course may be viewed without the CD-ROM in the drive, but the following exception and condition apply:

* This option is not available for courses of type “Keystone1” (click here for a list of courses sorted by type).
* You must choose this option during the first KeyStone courseware installation to your computer or it will not be available for any subsequent installations.

During KeyStone courseware installation, the Setup Type screen appears. The default selection on this screen is “No (do not copy courseware files to my hard drive)”. If you accept this default the first time you install a KeyStone Learning course on your computer, this option will not be available for subsequent course level installations.

If you accepted this default selection on your first installation but would now like to have all courseware files copied to your hard drive (so that you do not have to have the CD-ROM in the drive to run the course), here’s what you have to do:

# Uninstall all currently installed KeyStone courses on your computer (except courses of type Keystone1).
# Uninstall “KeyStone Learning CDROM” (if present).
# Uninstall “KeyStone Learning Systems CBT V4” (if present).
# Reinstall your KeyStone Learning course, taking care to select Yes (copy courseware files to my hard drive) on the Setup Type screen during the installation. (You must select Yes again on the subsequent screen.)