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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development Services

There are probably hundreds of items you help your employees with personally every year. With KeyStone OnDemand LMS, you can make this knowledge easily accessible to your employees, make updates and changes with the click of a button, and track acknowledgment, completion, or retention.
With our intuitive OnDemand learning portal, create your own screen-capture videos, lessons, and courses. Add your policies and procedures for acknowledgment tracking and reporting or build your knowledgebase repository. KeyStone OnDemand makes it easy for you to save time and reduce support cost by providing a quick, easy way to share common knowledge and instruction to your workforce for on-demand access. 
We can also assist in building your completely custom courses by providing the services below using our unique design approach and methodology to quickly create and deploy custom learning solutions. 
  • Instructional Design
  • Project Management
  • Training Rollout
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Equipment
  • Audio Talent
We have been developing effective IT and professional development training and eLearning content for its clients since 1981, and have been the recipient of many eLearning-related awards since 1991. KeyStone is strongly focused on the delivery of Microsoft IT Software and Office applications training for desktop users in classroom, webinar and technology-delivered media that can take full advantage of our expertise in all facets of learning and interactive media production. If customized learning solutions are required for your organization, our team can support your requirements.