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Assessment & Remediation

Assessment & Remediation Made Easy

Our Assessment & Certification Tool (ACT), will enable you to develop a full spectrum of customized evaluation instruments for your training programs. The ACT’s evaluation instruments can range from informal quizzes to formal certification exams that promote individualized learning paths, help evaluate user knowledge and skill levels, and support professional certification programs within a targeted user community or organization. 
Formal certification exams can be easily created and customized with this new tool to ensure learners demonstrate the critical knowledge and skills to perform their role. Exam results can drive learner motivation by placing learners on a customized learning path that provides clear direction on how to enhance their own skills and knowledge base through the online training.
Some of the Key Features Include: 
1. Question Bank: ACT allows administrators to create a bank of questions from which they can draw a designated number of test items for each offering. This question bank can be optionally stratified into topical question pools for further refinement of their assessment. The question bank can also be expanded over the life of their program. 
2. Customized Delivery Settings: Options for each exam include randomization of test 
items, timing of the exam, number of retries and the passing score. 
3. Learning Paths: Once the user has completed a test, based on their performance they can be directed towards a designated area or level of training that addresses their current learning needs. From their custom entry point,  they can then progress to the next level within the certification path or training program. 
4. Certificates: Certificates can be generated, when appropriate, once a user has achieved the passing criteria on the assessment.  

5. Tracking and Reporting: All user activity, progress and test results are tracked within the KOD platform and available through our reporting engine.  Reporting data can also be exported for further analysis.

6. Resources & Remediation: Associate related course content to any or all of the exam questions so the learner can easily access it for review or remediation upon completion of the exam. This provides reinforcement of key concepts and allows learners to immediately address any areas of weakness.