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Word 2007: Working with Text Formatting

Word 2007: Working with Text Formatting

Whenever you think about applying Bold or Italics to text, whether you know it or not, you’re actually considering Text Formatting. In fact, any of the commands found in the Font group on the Home tab are considered Text Formatting because each attribute can be applied to one character or a group of characters.


Figure 24. Font Group




Font Face

This drop-down list displays   the fonts available on your computer. The default Microsoft Office 2007 font   is Calibri.

Font Size

This drop-down list displays   typical font sizes. The default Microsoft Office 2007 font size is 11. One   font size point is equal to 1/72” tall. So, 72 point text will print 1”high.  If you need a size not listed in this drop-down, you can click inside the box   and type the size you want.

Grow/Shrink Font

These two buttons will   increase or decrease the size of selected text by about four points with each   click.

Clear Formatting

This command clears all   formatting from selected text.


This command applies bold   formatting to selected text.


This command applies italic   formatting to selected text.


Not only can you choose the   underline type, you can also choose the underline color from this drop-down   list.


This command applies   strikethrough formatting to selected text.


These two buttons will   either drop the selected text below the baseline (subscript) or above the   baseline (superscript) of selected text.

Change Case

There are four text case   options in this drop-down list:
        Sentence case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Capitalize Each Word.

Highlight Text

This command applies a color   background to selected text.

Text Color

This command changes the   color of selected text lettering.