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Word 2007: Protect & Restrict Forms & Documents

Word 2007: Protect & Restrict Forms & Documents

Once the form has been created, it’s time to add form protection. When a form is protected, your users can quickly and easily move throughout the form only filling in data at form fields.

Adding Form Protection

  1. Open the form
  3.  Choose the Protect Document command in the Controls group on the Developer tab
  5. Choose Restrict Formatting and Editing

Figure 7. Restrict Formatting and Editing Dialog Box

    4.       Check Limit formatting to a selection of styles (if desired)

    5.       Check Allow only this type of editing the document

    6.       Select Filling in forms from the drop-down list

    7.       Click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection


Figure 8. Start Enforcing Protection Dialog Box

    8.       Enter a password and confirm (if desired)

    9.       Click OK

    10.   Save the document