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Word 2007: Footnotes & Endnotes

Word 2007: Footnotes & Endnotes

Footnotes certainly bring back memories of school. For me, anyway. You probably already know that footnotes (and endnotes) appear at the bottom of a page (or document) to explain references in your text.

Adding Footnotes (Endnotes)

  1. Click in your document where you want your footnote reference mark
  3.  Choose Insert Footnote (or Insert Endnote) in the Footnotes group on the References Tab


Figure 46. Footnote and Endnote Dialog Box

    3.       Set your Footnote (or Endnote) location, number format and other options

    4.       Click Insert

    5.       Type your Footnote (or Endnote) text

    6.       Double-click the reference mark to return to your place in the document

Modifying Existing Footnotes (Endnotes)

  1. Click somewhere on a page within the section that contains the Footnote (or Endnote) you want to modify
  3. Click the Footnote & Endnote Dialog Box Launcher
  5. Click Footnotes (or Endnotes)
  7. Make your modifications
  9. Click Apply

Deleting Footnotes (Endnotes)

  1. Select the note reference mark of the Footnote (or Endnote)
  3. Press [Delete]