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Word 2007: Bookmarks

Word 2007: Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a great tool, particularly when working with long documents. Each bookmark identifies selection of text that you can quickly jump to or use for a future reference.

Plus, you can add cross-references to bookmarks. This means you can refer to a bookmark on page 1 in a document from another page in the document – thus, a cross-reference.

Adding a Bookmark

  1. Select the text to be bookmarked
  3.  Choose the Bookmark command in the Links group on the Insert tab

Figure 44. Bookmark Dialog Box

    3.       Enter a Bookmark Name (no spaces and MUST start with a letter)

    4.       Click Add


Changing a Bookmark

Just because you added a bookmark doesn’t mean you can see it on your document – at least not until you modify your Word Options so Word knows it’s okay to show them.

So, when editing or changing bookmarks, it’s a good idea to display them first, then make your changes.

  1. Open the Office Menu
  3. Choose Word Options
  5. Choose Advanced
  7. Under Show Document Content, click the checkbox next to Show bookmarks
  9. Click OK


Figure 45. Sample Bookmark with Brackets

    6.       Select the bookmark to change

    7.       Make your changes INSIDE the displayed brackets

Deleting a Bookmark

    1. Choose the Bookmark command in the Links group on the Insert tab
    3. Select the bookmark you want to delete
    5. Click Delete