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Word 2007: AutoCorrect

Word 2007: AutoCorrect

As you’ve been typing, you may have already noticed AutoCorrect in action and just not known        the terminology.

The AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects common typos and misspelled words. And, this is the feature that inserts symbols. For instance, when you type “(c)”, Word will change that text to the copyright (©) symbol. In previous versions of Microsoft Word, part of the AutoCorrect features was called AutoText. In this newest release, AutoText is no longer available and all functionality has been moved to AutoCorrect.

You don’t have to do anything to enable AutoCorrect – it’s turned on by default. You just get to sit back, misspell Words and let Word correct your work for you as you type.

AutoCorrect comes preloaded with a whole host of misspelled words and their corrections. But, not only can you remove items from the AutoCorrect list, you can also add your own. Plus, the text you add can be formatted.

And, the AutoCorrect list is shared among all of the Microsoft Office programs. So if you add a word to the AutoCorrect list in Word, that same word will be corrected in other Office programs.

Removing an AutoCorrect Entry

  1. Open the Office Menu
  3. Click Word Options
  5. Click the Proofing Tab
  7. Click AutoCorrect Options
  9. Select the AutoCorrect entry you want to remove
  11. Click Delete
  13. Click OK


Adding an AutoCorrect Entry

1.       Open the Office Menu

2.       Click Word Options

3.       Click the Proofing Tab

4.       Click AutoCorrect Options

Figure 15. AutoCorrect Dialog Box

5.       Under Replace, enter a name or misspelled word

6.       Under With, enter your AutoCorrect entry

7.       Click Add

8.       Click OK