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Word 2003: Wrapping Text around Images

Word 2003: Wrapping Text around Images

So, you know how to get an image into your Word document and you even know how to create cool effects on AutoShapes. Now, we’re going to continue to build on that knowledge by working with Text Wrapping options. With Text Wrapping, you can seamlessly merge text and graphics in your document.

Figure 25. Format Picture Dialog Box – Layout Tab

Apply Text Wrapping to an Image

  1. Right-click the image
  3. Choose Format Picture… from the Shortcut menu
  5. Click the Layout tab
  7. Select the text wrapping option
  9. Move the image to the desired location

When working with many images, it may save you time to work directly from the Picture toolbar.

Figure 26. Picture Toolbar

Displaying the Picture Toolbar

  1. Right-click any displayed toolbar
  3. From the Shortcut menu, choose Picture

From the Picture toolbar, you can work with advanced picture editing options such as Brightness and Contrast. This is also where you’ll find commands related to cropping and rotating your images as well as a quick link to setting your text wrapping options.