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Word 2003: Using the Office Clipboard Task Pane

Word 2003: Using the Office Clipboard Task Pane

Whenever you choose to Cut or Copy data, it is automatically placed on the Office Clipboard. And, it stays on the clipboard until it is replaced with something else that has been cut or copied. The Office Clipboard can hold up to 24 different items at one time which makes it really easy to cut, copy and paste multiple sets of data at one time.

In fact, you can copy 10 different items and then paste them all to a new location with the click of one almighty mouse button.

Pasting Multiple Sets of Copied Data Using the Office Clipboard Task Pane
  1. Choose Edit from the Menu bar
  3. Choose Office Clipboard… (this displays the Office Clipboard Task Pane)

Figure 10. Office Clipboard Task Pane

    3.       Select the text you want to Copy

    4.       Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar (or, press [CTRL] + C)

    5.       Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each set of data you want to copy (up to 24)

    6.       Either select each copied item one at a time or click the Paste All button

When you no longer need the data stored in the Windows Clipboard, you can click Clear All to empty the Clipboard and start again.