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Word 2003: Touring the Word Window

Word 2003: Touring the Word Window

The Word 2003 window is actually fairly easy to navigate and may match other Office windows to which you have already become accustomed.

Below, you can see an example of the Word window and on the next page are definitions for each of the window’s labeled parts.

Figure 1. Word Window


Window Part


Control Buttons:

Located in the upper-right corner of your window, these buttons (in order) will minimize, maximize/restore and close your window.


The document area is the actual “paper” on which your text and graphics will print.

Page View Controls:

Located in the lower-left corner of your window, the Page View Controls includes quick access to page views such as Normal View and Page Layout View.


Aside from indicating margins and page size, the rulers display row and column boundaries when working in a table as well as tabs and indents.

Scroll Bars:

Vertical and horizontal bars allowing you to the view other areas of the worksheet.

Status Bar:

In the Status Bar, you see a document page and word count, plus macro and editing indicators.

Title Bar:

Located at the very top of your screen, the Title Bar displays the name of the program you are running and the name of the document you are working in.