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Word 2003: Spelling & Grammar

Word 2003: Spelling & Grammar

As you type, Word is already checking Spelling and Grammar behind the scenes. You’ve probably already seen the nice red, wavy underline under words that Word doesn’t recognize. Now, it’s also checking grammar, but by default, you won’t see green, wavy underlines under grammar errors (although, you can choose to display those green lines if you’d like).

  1. Choose Tools from the Menu bar
  3. Choose Spelling & Grammar

Figure 17. Spelling & Grammar Dialog Box

    3.       For each error, choose Change, Change All or Ignore, Ignore All

    4.       When complete, click Close

Checking Spelling & Grammar Using the Shortcut Menu
  1. Right-click any word with a red, wavy underline
  3. Choose a spelling correction from the Shortcut menu