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Word 2003: Saving Your Word Document as a Web Page

Word 2003: Saving Your Word Document as a Web Page

Let’s face it – many of us would probably like to be web designers, but that knowledge just seems so far away from where we really are. However, creating web pages is no longer an unachievable dream.

With a quick Save, you can publish a web page. Of course, you’ll most likely still need your web gurus to upload the new web page to the server, but at the very least you can create your own web page based on your Word 2003 document.

Publishing your Word document to the web creates a static file that others can view and print from the Internet. A great use of this feature is when you need to share files with co-workers across a secure Intranet – and, it’s as easy as choosing File: Save As.

Saving a Word Document as a Web Page

  1. Choose File from the Menu bar
  3. Choose Save as Web page…

Figure 3. Save As Dialog Box - Web Page

           3.       Click Change Title…

Figure 4. Set Page Title Dialog Box

    4.       Enter a new page title (this is appears in the Title Bar of the Internet Browser when the web page is viewed)

    5.       Click OK

    6.       Click Save