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Word 2003: Running a Macro

Word 2003: Running a Macro

Once your macro has been created, it won’t do you any good unless you can use it from time to time by running it. Now, you can certainly use the shortcut key you may have assigned when you created the macro, or you can follow the steps below.

Running a Macro Using the Menu Bar

  1. Open the document that contains the macro you want to run
  3. Choose Tools: Macro: Macros… from the Menu bar
  5. Select the Macro you want to run
  7. Click Run

Running a Macro from the Toolbar

First, you need to add the Macro to a toolbar, then you can use it.

  1. Choose Tools: Customize… from the Menu bar
  3. Click the Commands tab

Figure 31. Customize Dialog Box - Commands Tab

    3.       Under Categories, scroll down and select Macros

    4.       Click the Customize tab

    5.       From the commands list, choose Macros

    6.       Click and drag your custom macro from the Commands tab to one of your toolbars

    7.       With the Customize dialog box still open, right-click the new macro button on your toolbar and choose Change Button Image from the Shortcut menu

    8.       Select an image

    9.       To display the macro as solely an image on your toolbar, right-click the macro button on your toolbar again, this time choosing Default Style from the Shortcut menu

    10.   Click Close

Now, just click your new macro button on your toolbar to run the macro.