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Word 2003: Editing Text

Word 2003: Editing Text

The very minute you begin typing is probably the same time that you’ll need to know how to edit that text you’ve just typed.

Delete vs. Backspace

The difference between using Delete vs. Backspace is really a matter of direction. And, everything begins with the blinking I-beam. So, based on your cursor position:

  • Delete clears text, one character at a time, to the right.
  • Backspace clears text, one character at a time, to the left.

Insert vs. Overtype Mode

By default, Word should operate in Insert mode. This means that as you add new text in between existing text, the text to the right of your cursor simply pushes to the right to make room for the new addition.

However, you may wish to type over existing text. A good rule of thumb is to delete the text you want to erase first, and then add the new text. But, if you want Word to type over existing text, effectively deleting one character at a time as you type, you’ll need to enable overtype mode.

  1. You can easily switch between Insert vs Overtype mode in Word 2003 by toggling with the Insert key on your keyboard.

Figure 4. Overtype Mode is Enabled