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Word 2003: Creating Forms

Word 2003: Creating Forms

One of the coolest Word features is having the ability to create forms.

Form Ideas:

  • Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Surveys
  • Expense Reimbursement Forms

If you’ve already started looking on the toolbar for form commands, you won’t find them. It’s not a command that a lot of people use and it requires document security. As a result, you’ll find the commands for Forms on the Forms toolbar.

Showing the Forms Toolbar

  1. Right-click any displayed toolbar
  3. Choose Forms from the Shortcut menu

Now, you’re ready to create a form.

Using the Forms Toolbar

The Forms toolbar contains all the form controls you need to add fields and pictures to your form.

Figure 2. Forms Toolbar




Inserts a text form field.

Inserts a checkbox form field.

Inserts a drop-down form field.

Displays the options for the selected form field.

Draw table command.

Inserts a frame.

Enables form field shading.

Reset form fields.

Protect form.

Creating a Form

  1. Create a New Document
  3. Display the Forms toolbar
  5. Click in your document where you want to insert a control
  7. Choose the control on the Forms toolbar you want to insert
  9. Repeat steps 3-4 for each form control
  11. Click Protect Form on the Forms toolbar once you’ve entered all form fields and instructional text
  13. Save the form

Modifying Form Control Options

Once you get the controls into your document, it’s probably a good idea to set each control’s options.

Working with a Rich Text or Text Control

In the Text control properties, you can modify the control type and default text. You can also specify a text format.

Figure 3. Text Form Field Options

Working with a Drop-Down List or Combo Box Control

In the Drop-Down List (or Combo Box) control properties, you can add, modify and remove list values and specify the order in which the list entries should appear.

The first item in any drop-down list should always be “Choose…” This is an indicator to your user that they need to choose an entry in the list.


Figure 4. Drop-Down Form Field Options

Working with a Check Box Control

In the Check Box control options, you can modify the size and default value. As with other controls, you can also specify a macro to run on entry and exit.

Figure 5. Check Box Form Field Options

Modify Control Properties Using the Shortcut Menu

  1. Right-click a form control
  3. Choose Properties from the Shortcut menu
  5. Set or change the inserted control properties
  7. Repeat steps 1-3 for each form control
  9. Save the form

Of course, the fastest way to access any form field’s Options dialog box is to simply double-click the chosen field.