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Word 2003: Creating & Editing a Template

Word 2003: Creating & Editing a Template

I know you’ve probably seen all the templates that load with Word 2003. So, I won’t waste a ton of your time here going through all of them.

Using Preloaded Templates

However, I’m always amazed at the number of people who don’t take advantage of the wealth of templates Microsoft uploads to their website. And, they’re all free.

So, before you start creating something, do yourself a favor and do a quick search to see if anyone else has already created it. Chances are good that what you need has already been created and you can save yourself a ton of time by just downloading someone else’s creation.

Using a Predefined Microsoft Office Template
  1. Choose File from the Menu bar
  3. Click New…
  5. Under Templates, click Templates on Office Online

Figure 1. Template List from Microsoft Office Online

    4.       Select one of the listed template categories

    5.       Select a template

    6.       Follow the instructions to download and install the template


Creating a New Template


Now, it may happen that you search and search and nothing from Microsoft matches what you need. In that case, start your creative juices and grab a cup a coffee, because it looks like you’ll need to create the template yourself.

But, don’t freak out, yet. It’s a snap. First, you create a document shell. Then, you save it as a template.

That’s it.

The beauty of using your own and someone else’s template is that it opens a new file, every time. Templates are great for Invoices, Expense Reports, Time Sheets, etc… or anything else that requires users to enter data each time they use the file.

  1. Create your document shell
  3. Choose File from the Menu bar
  5. Choose Save As…
  7. Under Save As Type, choose Document Template (*.dot)
      (the Save In directory will automatically change to the template directory which typically is: C:“Documents and Settings"Owner"Application Data"Microsoft"Templates)
  9.  Enter a name for your template
  11. Click Save

Using a Custom Template

  1. Choose File from the Menu bar
  3. Choose New
  5. Click On my computer…
  7. Select one of the listed templates
  9. Click OK


Editing a Custom Template

  1.            Choose File from the Menu bar

  2.            Choose Open…

  3.            Navigate to the Templates folder
      (C:“Documents and Settings"Owner"Application Data"Microsoft"Templates)

  4.            Select the Template you want to edit

  5.            Click Open

  6.            Make your changes

  7.            Click Save when you are finished