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Word 2003: Compare Document Versions

Word 2003: Compare Document Versions

We’re going to look at two options for looking at different document versions – Compare and Combine. Both options can be found on the Compare command in the Compare group on the Review tab.

The Compare option is a good choice when you need to compare the difference in two similar documents. Word 2003 completes this task with a legal blackline option, which looks at both documents and creates a third document. The two original documents are not changed or marked up.


Figure 54. Compare Documents Example

Comparing Two Documents

  1. Open the first document you are comparing
  3. Choose Tools: Compare and Merge Documents… from the Menu bar

Figure 55. Compare Documents Dialog Box

    3.       Navigate to and select the 2nd document you are comparing to the document that is already open

    4.       Click Merge


Figure 56. Merge Formatting Options

    5.       When prompted, choose the document that the formatting will be based upon, then click Continue with Merge