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PowerPoint 2007: Working with Speaker Notes

PowerPoint 2007: Working with Speaker Notes

In a previous lesson, we looked at the Notes Page View, but we really didn’t go any further – that’s what this lesson is for.

Personally, I use Speaker Notes for just about every presentation –whether I’m teaching a course or just speaking on a chosen topic. And, I know that the number one fear in the country is a fear of public speaking. Followed closely by a fear of death.

One of the reasons people fear speaking in public is that they are afraid they will run out of things to say – Aha! That’s not an issue with Speaker Notes.

The Notes Page View was designed specifically to give you – the Presenter – an area to write in notes to yourself about what you’re going to be talking about. This can be a verbatim script, a simple outline or just some reminders to jog your memory.

Your audience never sees the Speaker Notes, unless you choose to print them and give them as handouts – which, now that I think about it, is another great use for the Speaker Notes.

Creating Speaker Notes

1.       Click in the Speaker Notes pane at the bottom of a slide in Normal View

2.       Type your notes
(Speaker notes can be formatted just like regular text)


Printing Speaker Notes

1.       Open the Office Menu

2.       Choose Print

Figure 43. Print Dialog Box - Notes Pages

3.       Under Print What, choose Notes Pages

4.       Click OK