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PowerPoint 2007: Using Slide Timings

PowerPoint 2007: Using Slide Timings

Slide Timings are critical if you need your presentation to run on its own either behind you as you’re speaking or at a kiosk. You can either enter your own slide timings in or you can practice your presentation to determine the amount of time each slide should be on-screen.

Slide Timings

Slide Timings work best if you can rehearse your presentation. This way, you can ensure that each slide is on the screen for the appropriate amount of time.

To rehearse and record slide timings, you essentially run the presentation while the Slide Timing feature is recording. Each time you click to advance to the next slide, PowerPoint records the amount of time the previous slide was on the screen and keeps that time as the Slide Timing.

Figure 74. Rehearsal Toolbar

The Rehearsal Toolbar only contains a few buttons – Next Slide, Stop Timings and Repeat.

Each time you click the Next Slide button, PowerPoint records the timings for the current slide, resets to zero and advanced to the next slide.

When you click the Stop Rehearsing button, PowerPoint stops running in Slide Show View and prompts you with a Dialog Box asking if you would like to keep the timings just recorded.

Finally, the Repeat button allows you to reset the timer to zero for the current slide.

Use the Slide Timing Feature

  1.  On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Rehearse Timings.
  3. Your Slide Timings Feature is now tracking time
  5. Rehearse your presentation, clicking the Next Slide button as you finish each slide
  7. When finished rehearsing, click the Stop Rehearsing button on the Rehearsal Toolbar

Figure 75. Save Slide Timings Dialog Box

    5.       Click Yes to save the current slide timings

Turning Off Recording Slide Timings 

Just because you have slide timings recorded for your presentation doesn’t mean you have to use them every time. You can pick and choose when you use the timings.

  1.  Uncheck the Use Rehearsed Timings check box in the Set Up group on the Slide Show tab