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PowerPoint 2007: Save vs. Save As

PowerPoint 2007: Save vs. Save As

When saving your PowerPoint files, using the Save command versus Save As is an important distinction. The Save As command allows you to name your PowerPoint file every time it is chosen while the Save command saves the PowerPoint file under the existing name.

However, many users become confused because the first time a file is saved, both commands prompt you to name the file by opening the Save As Dialog Box.

Figure 21. Save As Dialog Box

PowerPoint 2007 files are actually saved in XML-compatible format which, for many reasons, is of great benefit to you. Primarily, XML format allows for a better exchange of data between programs. For now, what’s important to know is that the new file extensions typically add an “x” or an “m” to the end. Files containing an “x” denote an XML file without macros while files containing an “m” at the end denote a file that does contain macros.

Right away, you’ll notice the file you save has the extension “.pptx” which simply means the file was created in PowerPoint and doesn’t contain macros.

Using the XML (Extensible Markup Language) has many benefits to you, as the user. Primarily, this new file format allowed Microsoft to add new features all while reducing the overall file sizes of your saved file. Plus, your files are now safer and are at reduced risk of becoming corrupted.

Saving A PowerPoint Document

  1. Open the Office Menu
  3. Navigate to the storage location
  5.  Enter a name for your document
  7. Click Save