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PowerPoint 2007: Navigating & Selecting in a Table

PowerPoint 2007: Navigating & Selecting in a Table

Mastering the art of table navigation will allow you to complete your work faster. And, selecting cells is the key to being able to format, move, copy and otherwise enhance your tables.

Navigation Techniques


To Move…


Up One Cell

Up Arrow

Down One Cell

Down Arrow

Right One Cell


Left One Cell

[SHIFT]+Tab or Left Arrow

End of Row Data


Beginning of Row Data


Selection Techniques Using the Mouse


To Select…


One Cell

Single-Click the Lower-Left Corner of the Cell

Multiple Cells

Click & Drag (with the left mouse button)

Selection Techniques Using the Ribbon



To Select…

Click inside a cell…

Press the Select Command in the Table group on the Table Tools Layout Contextual Tab, then choose


Select Row


Select Column

Entire Table

Select Table