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PowerPoint 2007: Creating a Chart

PowerPoint 2007: Creating a Chart

The Excel chart feature – yes, Excel, remember, PowerPoint uses Excel’s Chart feature – offers several different types of charts to choose from. So, before you create a chart, it’s easiest if you have an idea of the type of chart you want to create.


Chart Type

Data Arrangement





In columns and rows

For example:             West     East        South    North

Salesperson 1            100         200         100         200

Salesperson 2            150         350         100         250

Salesperson 3            100         500         210         150



In ONE column or row of data and one column or row of data labels

For example:                                             West

                        Salesperson 1                    1,000

                        Salesperson 2                    2,000

                        Salesperson 3                    1.500


Creating a Chart

  1. Choose the Chart command in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab

Figure 19. Insert Chart Dialog Box

    2.       Choose your chart layout

    3.       Click OK


Figure 20. Chart Data Series

    4.       In the Excel window that opens, type your chart data over the filler data (see above)

    5.       Once your data has been entered, you can close the Excel program
(The PowerPoint window will maximize itself)