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PowerPoint 2007: Choosing a Design Theme

PowerPoint 2007: Choosing a Design Theme

Using Themes allows you to quickly apply uniform formatting to an entire presentation. The nice thing about these themes is that they are predefined and Word, Excel and PowerPoint all use the same set of predefined themes and styles. In this way, you can create a unified look across all of your files, regardless of the program each file was created in.


Figure 29. Themes Group

Each theme is a set of design elements that stores color, fonts and graphics including lines and fill effects. The colors assigned to a them contain four text and background colors, six accent colors, and two hyperlink colors.

Applying a Presentation Theme

  1. Click  the Themes drop-down in the Themes group on the Design tab
  3. Hover your mouse over each Theme
  5. Once you find a theme you like, just click it