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PowerPoint 2007: Adding & Removing Chart Data

PowerPoint 2007: Adding & Removing Chart Data

Here is the most common question when it comes to chart – After a chart is created, I often find that I’ve forgotten to add a row or column of data. Do I have to create a whole new chart to add in this missing data?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is “NO.”

Adding Chart Data

  1.   Choose the Edit Data command in the Data group on the Chart Tools Design Contextual Tab (Excel will open)
  3. In Excel, type your data in the first open column(s) or row(s)
  5. Verify the blue data range marker expands to include your new data
      (if not, drag the lower-right corner of the blue box to surround the new data)
  7. Close Excel

Removing Chart Data

  1. Select the data you want to remove from your chart
  3. Press [Delete]