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PowerPoint 2003: Touring the PowerPoint Window

PowerPoint 2003: Touring the PowerPoint Window

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the more intuitive and flexible Microsoft Office programs. But, before you create your first presentation, it’s a good idea to learn about the different elements of the PowerPoint window.

Figure 1. PowerPoint Window

Each labeled item is described in full.


Window Part


Control Buttons:

Located in the upper-right corner of your window, these buttons (in order) will minimize, maximize/restore and close your window.


The slide area is the actual “screen” on which your text and graphics will display.

Speaker Notes:

This section is used to entering Speaker Notes for later printing.

Status Bar:

In the Status Bar, you see a document page and word count, plus macro and editing indicators.

Title Bar:

Located at the very top of your screen, the Title Bar displays the name of the program you are running and the name of the document you are working in.