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PowerPoint 2003: Presentation Views

PowerPoint 2003: Presentation Views

PowerPoint offers a several ways to view your presentation as you go through the design process and when the presentation is complete.

Figure 8. Presentation Views on the Status Bar

Normal View

Normal view is where you’ll probably spend the bulk of your time when working in PowerPoint.

Figure 9. Normal View

The Outline tab is great when you just want to enter your presentation text without worrying about formatting and placement.

The Slides tab is the main view which displays your slides in thumbnail images. Just click a thumbnail to see the associated slide in a larger view.

The Notes Pane, located at the bottom of your screen is an easy place to type Speaker Notes that you can later print.

Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter view is used to view of your slides in thumbnail form. This is an easy place to rearrange slide, delete them or even copy them for other presentations.

From this view you can also add slide timings and transitions.

Figure 10. Slide Sorter View

Slide Show View

The Slide Show View encompasses your entire screen so you can see how the presentation would look when presented.

Returning to Normal View
  1. Press [ESC]

Notes Page View

Even though you can type your notes in the Notes Pane in Normal View, PowerPoint also offers a Notes Page view.

Figure 11. Notes Page View

Switching to Notes Page View
  1. Choose the View: Notes Page from the Menu bar