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PowerPoint 2003: Modifying PowerPoint Options

PowerPoint 2003: Modifying PowerPoint Options

Many of the defaults you’ll eventually want to change such as how often Outlook checks for new email or what font your mail messages use are all found in the Options Dialog Box. More than that, in order to really customize how you can make Outlook really work for you, you can customize your toolbars.

Save Tab

On the Save tab, you have access to PowerPoint save options including the default save location and the default file save type.

Figure 27. Options Dialog Box – Save Tab

Security Tab

On the Security tab, you have access to PowerPoint security options including file passwords.

Figure 28. Options Dialog Box – Security Tab

Spelling and Style Tab

On the Spelling and Style tab, you have access to your default slide show spelling options such as enabling or disabling the Check Spelling as you Type feature.

Figure 29. Options Dialog Box – Spelling and Style Tab

View Tab

On the View tab, you can customize the options you see when you work on a Slide Show, by default.

Figure 30. Options Dialog Box – View Tab

General Tab

On the General tab, you can adjust the number of recently used files that display in the File Menu and modify your user information.

Figure 31. Options Dialog Box – General Tab

Edit Tab

On the Edit tab, you can work with default options related to Cut and Paste, Text and Charts. You can also increase your maximum number of trackable Undos from this tab.

Figure 32. Options Dialog Box – Edit Tab

Print Tab

On the Print tab, you can assign your preferred print settings.

Figure 33. Options Dialog Box – Print Tab