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PowerPoint 2003: Layering Objects

PowerPoint 2003: Layering Objects

Layering is all about which object of several you want to appear on top and which you want to appear on the bottom.

Let’s look at a simple circle and a star.

First, you start by moving one object on top of another. Typically, the shapes will overlap with the last shape you drew moving to the top of the “stack.” In the example below, the star is in the front while the circle is in the back.

Figure 14. Star (Bring to Front) or Circle (Send to Back)

 Now, I could change things up a little by sending the Star to the back or bringing the circle to the front. With only two objects, either command is fine.

Figure 15. Circle (Bring to Front) or Star (Send to Back)

Layering Objects

  1. Select the first object you want to stack
  3. Move it on to of another object
  5. Right-click the selected shape and choose Order: Send to Back or Order: Bring to Front from the Shortcut menu