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PowerPoint 2003: Creating a Chart

PowerPoint 2003: Creating a Chart

Before you create a chart, it’s easiest if you have an idea of the type of chart you want to create.


Chart Type

Data Arrangement





In columns and rows

For example:             West     East        South    North

Salesperson 1            100         200         100         200

Salesperson 2            150         350         100         250

Salesperson 3            100         500         210         150



In ONE column or row of data and one column or row of data labels

For example:                                             West

                        Salesperson 1                    1,000

                        Salesperson 2                    2,000

                        Salesperson 3                    1.500

Creating a Chart

  1. Choose the Insert: Chart… from the Menu bar

Figure 7. New PowerPoint Chart

    2.   Using the Chart type button on the Standard toolbar, select a chart type.

Figure 8. PowerPoint Chart Types

    3.       Enter your chart values in the Chart Datasheet window

Figure 9. Chart Datasheet

    4.       Close the Chart Datasheet (you can always view it again by clicking the View Datasheet command on the Standard toolbar when the chart has been activated)

Figure 10. Chart in PowerPoint