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Outlook 2007: Using the Address Book

Outlook 2007: Using the Address Book

The Address Book stores the name, e-mail addresses and fax numbers of the entries stored in your Contacts.

Figure 13. Outlook Address Book

Each time you type a name into the To, CC or BCC boxes of an e-mail message, Outlook automatically takes what you’ve entered and looks for a match in your Address Book. Typically, your Address Book e-mail addresses come from your Contacts.

However, when working on a network, instead of looking at your Contacts, Outlook may look to a Global Address List which stores the names and e-mails of you and your co-workers. If this is the case, you can still use your Outlook Contacts as a means of storing e-mail addresses and other information about people not directly working for your company.

However, if, when Outlook looks for a match, a match isn’t found, the Check Names dialog box will appear asking you to either choose from a selection of close matches or telling you there is no match to be found. In this case, you’ll need to enter a full e-mail address in the To, CC or BCC boxes or add the recipient to your Outlook Contacts.

Figure 14. Check Names Dialog Box