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Outlook 2007: Touring the Outlook Window

Outlook 2007: Touring the Outlook Window

The Outlook Window looks a lot like it has in previous versions upon loading. For those of you experienced with Outlook, you won’t notice too many changes right off the bat.

If you are new to Outlook, by default, the program opens to your Inbox. Remember, Outlook’s primary purpose is sending and receiving e-mail.

Let’s take a few minutes to get acquainted with the Outlook window.

Figure 2. Outlook Window


Window Part


Advanced Toolbar:

The Advanced Toolbar contains commands related to the view you are in.

Control Buttons:

The Control Buttons consist of Minimize, Maximize and Close.

Menu Bar:

The Menu Bar lists all of the commands available in Outlook in categories.

Navigation Pane:

The Navigation Pane appears on the left side of your window, regardless of which feature you are working in and assists you in moving from view to view.

Reading Pane:

The Reading Pane displays the contents of any e-mail message selected in the Inbox

Standard Toolbar:

The Standard Toolbar contains the most commonly used Outlook commands.

Status Bar:

In the Status Bar, you see the total number of items in a selected folder.

Title Bar:

Located at the very top of your screen, the Title Bar displays the name of the program you are running.

To Do Bar:

The To Do Bar is new to Outlook 2007 and gives you a consolidated view of your priorities, including tasks and appointments for the current day.