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Outlook 2007: Searching for Appointments

Outlook 2007: Searching for Appointments

If you’re like me, you know you have an appointment coming up, but you can’t remember when. And, instead of looking day by day through your calendar, you can use the Search Calendar tool to find quickly find what you’re looking for.

Figure 23. Calendar Search Tool

The nice thing is that you only have to remember a portion of the appointment text and Outlook can do the rest.

For example…

I know I have a retirement party somewhere on my Outlook calendar, but I can’t remember when it is and I don’t even remember who it is for. So, to find that appointment, I’m going to use the Search feature.

To fix this, in Calendar view, all I need to do is type the word “party” in the search tool located in the upper-right corner of the Calendar view and press [Enter]. And, Outlook returns…

Figure 24. Calendar Search Results

Wasn’t that easy?