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Outlook 2007: Flagging Messages

Outlook 2007: Flagging Messages

Flags are great visual reminders of things in Outlook that you need to follow up on. And, flags can be associated with dates, just like tasks.

And, items that are flagged appear in the To-Do Bar and the Daily Task List.

Adding Flag to a Message

  1. Open an e-mail message that you want to flag
  3.  Choose the Follow Up command in the Options group on the Message tab
  5. Choose Custom… (or choose a date listed)

Figure 11. Custom Date Dialog Box

    4.       Set the flag type, start date, due date and optional reminder

    5.       Click OK

Adding a Quick Click Flag

To add a follow-up flag even faster, you can click the Flag Status column next to an item.

Changing a Flag Date

To change the date associated with a follow-up flag, just right-click the Flag in the Flag Status column and choose a new date.