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Outlook 2007: Exploring the To-Do Bar

Outlook 2007: Exploring the To-Do Bar

Figure 4. To-Do Bar

The To-Do Bar is new to Outlook 2007. On the To-Do Bar you’ll see both upcoming appointments and tasks that are due to be completed. You’ll also see any e-mail messages you have flagged for follow-up.

ßMinimized To-Do Bar

Although the minimized version of the To-Do Bar is handy, it’s even more helpful to see the detail associated with the To-Bar listings.

To see more of your To-Do Bar, you can maximize it.

Maximized To-Do Bar à

Maximizing the To-Do Bar…

            …Using the Arrow

  1. Click the Arrow in the top portion of the Navigation Pane

            …by Clicking

  1. Click the anywhere on the To-Do Bar
      (this action also minimizes a maximized To-Do Bar)