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Outlook 2007: Creating & Sending an E-mail Message

Outlook 2007: Creating & Sending an E-mail Message

Before we go any further, let’s create our first email message in Outlook. We’ll discuss formatting and other advanced email lessons in a future section. For now, let’s just focus on addressing and typing a simply message.

Creating an E-mail Message

  1.  From the Inbox view, click the New command in the Standard toolbar

Figure 5. New Mail Message Window

    2.       Enter the recipient’s e-mail address in the To… line

    3.       Enter the e-mail subject in the Subject: line

    4.       Enter your message in the body area

Sending an E-mail Message

  1. After Outlook recognizes the recipient e-mail address…
      (a recognized e-mail address will appear with a solid underline)
  3.  Click the Send command