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Outlook 2007: Creating a Personal File Folder

Outlook 2007: Creating a Personal File Folder

Creating a Personal File Folder is a little like running a manual archive – but, only the first time. Once the folder is created, you can add and remove messages at will. Plus, you can create subfolders for your Personal File Folder the same way you create subfolders on your Inbox.

  1. Choose File on the Menu Bar
  3. Choose New
  5. Choose Outlook Data File…

Figure 16. New Outlook Data File Dialog Box

    4.       Choose Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)

    5.       Click OK


Figure 17. Save Personal Folders File Dialog Box

    6.       Accept the default name or create one of your own

    7.       Click OK



Figure 18. Create Microsoft Personal Folders Dialog Box


    8.       Type a Name for your Personal Folder file

    9.       Type and Verify a Password (if desired)

    10.   Click OK