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Outlook 2007: Adding an Attachment to an E-mail Message

Outlook 2007: Adding an Attachment to an E-mail Message

Now that you’ve learned how to create and send an e-mail message, let’s talk about attachments. Typically, attachments are stand-alone files such as a Word Document or an Excel spreadsheet that you want to send to your recipient along with a message.

Adding an Attachment

  1. Create a new e-mail message
  3.  Choose the Attach File command in the Include group on the Message tab


Figure 15. Insert File Dialog Box

    3.       Choose the file to attach

    4.       Click Insert

    5.       Send your message 

A NOTE ABOUT VIRUSES: Many people have become concerned recently over the threat of viruses sent via e-mail – and, rightly so. But, you can take steps to protect yourself – and, they’re very simple.

1.       Don’t open any e-mail or attachment from a sender you don’t recognize.

2.       Don’t open any e-mail attachment with an .exe extension. (For example, don’t open “MyResume.doc.exe”)

3.       Keep an up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your machine.

In the majority of the cases, computers become infected when an infected attachment is opened – not when an e-mail is opened. So, just play it safe and watch that file extension before you open it.

Remember - Unsafe files can come from safe senders.