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Outlook 2003: Searching for Contacts

Outlook 2003: Searching for Contacts

Eventually, your contact list may get so big that it will become time consuming to find a particular contact. Instead of looking contact by contact through your Contact List, you can use the Search Contact tool to find quickly find what you’re looking for.

Figure 17 Contact Find Feature

The nice thing is that you only have to remember a portion of the contact name and Outlook can do the rest.

For example… I know I have people from ABC Corporation listed somewhere on my Outlook Contact List, but I can’t remember the contact person’s name. So, to find that contact, I’m going to use the Search feature. To fix this, in Contact view, all I need to do is type the word “ABC” in the search tool and, Outlook returns…

Figure 18. Contact Search Results

It’s as easy as using the Calendar Find feature.