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Outlook 2003: Importing E-mail Addresses

Outlook 2003: Importing E-mail Addresses

Just like Exporting, the ability to pull in information such as e-mail addresses from other formats into Outlook can be a real timesaver.

Note: If you’re importing from Microsoft Excel, be sure to name the range in the worksheet that you want Outlook to import.

  1. Choose File: Import and Export… from the Menu bar

Figure 26. Import and Export Wizard Dialog Box

2.       Choose Import from another program or file

   3.      Click Next


Figure 27. Import Wizard – Choose File Type

    4.   Choose the file type to Import

    5.      Click Next

Figure 28. Import Wizard – Choose File to Import

    6.   Choose the file to Import 7.  

    7.   Select the option button that tells Outlook how you want to handle duplicate contacts

    8.       Click Next

Figure 29. Import Wizard – Choose Import Destination Folder

   9.      Select the folder you are Importing to (i.e., Contacts)

   10.  Click Next


Figure 30. Import Wizard – Confirm Import

   11.  Click Finish