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Outlook 2003: Finding Messages

Outlook 2003: Finding Messages

In this lesson, we’re going to look at Search Folders.

By default, there are two Search Folders already created for you to help you further categorize your e-mail messages. These default folders include:

  • Categorized Mail
  • For Follow Up

Each folder is like a virtual folder in that it contains items related to a search criterion, but deleting a Search Folder doesn’t delete the original item. It’s sort of like a query that’s constantly searching your e-mail messages for new matches.

In addition to the default Search Folders, you can create your own Search Folders with your own criteria.

Adding a Predefined Search Folder

  1. Choose File from the Menu bar
  3. Choose New
  5. Choose Search Folder…

Figure 3. New Search Folder Dialog Box

   4.      Select the folder criteria

   5.      Click OK

Creating a Custom Search Folder

  1. Choose File: New: Search Folder… from the Menu Bar
  3. Under Custom, choose Create a custom Search Folder
  5. Click Choose…

Figure 4. Custom Search Folder Dialog Box

   4.      Type a Name for your custom Search Folder

   5.      Click Criteria…


Figure 5. Search Folder Criteria Dialog Box


   6.      Click OK. Click OK. Click OK