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Outlook 2003: Exporting E-mail Addresses

Outlook 2003: Exporting E-mail Addresses


Once you have several contacts stored in Outlook, you may need to get them out of Outlook for one reason or another. You can easily do that through an Export.

  1. Choose File: Import and Export… from the Menu bar

Figure 19. Import and Export Wizard Dialog Box

   2.      Choose Export to a file

   3.      Click Next


Figure 20. Export Wizard – Choose Export File Type

   4.      Choose Export File Type

   5.      Click Next


Figure 21. Export Wizard – Choose Folder to Export

    6.    Choose Folder to Export

   7.    Click Next


Figure 22. Export Wizard – Choose Export File Name

   8.      Enter a File Name for your Exported file

   9.      Click Next



Figure 23. Export Wizard – Confirm Export

   10.  Click Map Custom Fields to select which Contact fields you want exported

Figure 24. Export Wizard – Map Custom Fields

   11.  Double-click fields on the left (under Microsoft Office Outlook) that you want exported (they should then appear on the right)

   12.  Click OK

   13.  Click Finish

When complete, you should be able to open the file in another program. For example, a Comma Separated Value (.csv) file can be opened in either Word, Excel or NotePad.

See exported example below…

Figure 25. Export Output Example