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Outlook 2003: Creating & Using Distribution Lists

Outlook 2003: Creating & Using Distribution Lists

Distribution lists are great when you regularly send messages to a group of contacts in your Contact List.

Creating a Distribution List

  1. Choose the Address Book tool in the Standard Toolbar
  3. Choose File: New Entry from the Address Book Menu Bar

Figure 15. New Entry Dialog Box

   3.      Choose New Distribution List

   4.      Click OK


Figure 16. Distribution List Window

   5.      Enter a Name for your Distribution List

   6.      Choose the Select Members command in the Members group on the Distribution List tab


Figure 17. Select Members Dialog Box

   7.      Double-click each Contact you want to add to your Distribution List

   8.      Click OK when finished

   9.      Choose the Save & Close command on the Contact Standard toolbar

Using a Distribution List

Distribution Lists won’t do you any good unless you can use them when sending e-mails. In this section, you’ll learn two ways to insert a Distribution List into the To: line of your e-mail.

Choosing a Distribution List from the Address Book

  1. Create a New E-mail Message
  3. Click the To: button

Figure 18. Sample Distribution List in the Address Book

    3.      Double-click the Distribution List (in Bold)

    4.      Click OK

    5.      Enter Subject and Body text for your message

    6.      Click Send

Using a Distribution List by Typing

    1.      Create a New E-mail Message

    2.      Type the Name of your Distribution List

    3.      Choose the Check Names command on the E-mail toolbar

    4.      Enter Subject and Body text for your message

    5.      Click Send