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Outlook 2003: Creating a Task Request

Outlook 2003: Creating a Task Request

A task request can be sent to anyone in your Outlook Address Book. If the user you send the request to also uses Outlook to manage their e-mail and tasks, they will be given a set of response options so you can easily track who will and will not be accepting your task.

The Assign Task Window can be accessed through the Task window by choosing the Assign Task command in the Manage Task group on the Task tab.

Figure 27. Assign Task Window

Sending a Task Request

  1. Create a new task
  3. Enter the task details
       (time, date, etc…)
  5. Choose the Assign Task command on the Task Standard toolbar
  7. Enter the Recipient in the To: line (as if you were addressing an e-mail message)
  9. Click Send