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Outlook 2003: Adding an Attachment to an E-mail Message

Outlook 2003: Adding an Attachment to an E-mail Message

Now that you’ve learned how to create and send an e-mail message, let’s talk about attachments. Typically, attachments are stand-alone files such as a Word Document or an Excel spreadsheet that you want to send to your recipient along with a message.

Adding an Attachment

  1. Create a new e-mail message
  3. Choose the Insert File command on the E-mail toolbar

Figure 7. Insert File Dialog Box

   3.      Choose the file to attach

   4.      Click Insert

   5.      Send your message

A NOTE ABOUT VIRUSES: Many people have become concerned recently over the threat of viruses sent via e-mail – and, rightly so. But, you can take steps to protect yourself – and, they’re very simple.

  1. Don’t open any e-mail or attachment from a sender you don’t recognize.
  3. Don’t open any e-mail attachment with an .exe extension. (For example, don’t open “MyResume.doc.exe”)
  5. Keep an up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your machine.

In the majority of the cases, computers become infected when an infected attachment is opened – not when an e-mail is opened. So, just play it safe and watch that file extension before you open it.

Remember - Unsafe files can come from safe senders.